Our company has been supplying parts for Japanese companies over 6 years. We have experience of Japanese parts productions, which are particular about quality, so we are sure to supply parts for German、USA and other countries.
The priority is to develop our company, so we always challenge difficult cases. At this moment, we produce Precision Machined parts (size tolerance under 0.01mm), Casting Products, Forging Products, cold forging pats(e.g. spring seat、bevel gear), Die-Cast Aluminum, Buffed stainless steel parts (e.g. stainless steel screw shaft、stainless steel steering wheel) ,long spline shaft (about 2m), Under Φ8mm small long hole shaft (about 2m), Precision heat sink (diameter about 20), Precision pressed plate (flatness under 0.02mm), Air conditioning valve plates,Parts of medical devices, Iron welding wheel,Trans planter tire,Plastic parts,Dry ignition coil,Assembly products(e.g. rod end bearing、 link ball-joint、 distribution box)etc. We sincerely hope to establish friendly business relations with customers from all over the world.